STONEHARD Global Affiliate Network

Global affiliate network for investment properties and real estate agents by Stonehard Investments

Central to STONEHARD’s worldwide marketing capability is our Global Affiliate Network. This is a powerful international platform that connects hundreds of property developers to thousands of local agents, advisors, wealth managers and individual property buyers/investors from various countries. Over the years, we have engineered our network to be comprehensive, flexible and highly profitable for our member agents/consultants and developers/master agents. We believe that in today’s dynamic investment real estate industry, a company can only be sustainable if it collaborates with other globally active organizations that share similar understandings and principles towards business. We adopt a win-win approach to business and believe that nowadays suppliers and consumers of goods and services should be honest and transparent with each other and benefit equally from each deal they conclude. Prices must be fair for both sides, otherwise a business relationship will have a short life with no prospect of yielding future dividends. This is what STONEHARD guarantees with its Global Agent Network.

How our Global Affiliate Network operates

Here are the main operating features and principles:

  • Stonehard LTD maintains the web-based electronic platform and property database, which is the core of our global network.
  • The platform has different sections for serving three different groups of members — sub-agents, developers and corporate investors. Connected through our platform and working together on a win-win basis, the platform’s transparency guarantees the protection of their rights and financial entitlements.
  • High standards are guaranteed through strict selection criteria of network members and the conditions that they agree to in our partnership contracts. STONEHARD only accepts members and developments that meet our high standards and expectations. Our principal objectives are to provide a first-class service to our clients and offer opportunities to invest safely for maximum profitability.
  • It’s all about shared information. One of the main tasks of STONEHARD’s management team is to constantly accumulate and research huge amounts of specialized information from various sources around the world. These sources allow us to monitor a great number of markets and property investment products in many worldwide destinations and then forecast where the next hot spots for profitable investments will be, ahead of other potential investors. Our network members are the first to benefit from this information and analysis, allowing them to capitalize on their deals before others.
  • Sustainable business for all our members.The fast-changing conditions of today’s global economy together with the cyclical downturns that our world experiences every few years call for a new strategy for real estate investment, one that incorporates easy exit strategies. In order to have sustainability and high profits, market players must be able to change their destinations and clientele quickly, pull out of certain countries and enter new destinations in a short space of time. These days, staying focused on a particular product or in a certain market is not the best strategy for minimizing risk and maximizing profits. STONEHARD’s affiliate network provides exactly this flexibility and mobility to today’s advanced investors, consultants and developers.
  • Constant growth. Designed to grow constantly, STONEHARD’s affiliate network aims to stay on top of the property investment industry. We aim to offer the largest number of international developments and investment opportunities and make them available to the maximum number of professional organisations and private investors possible. We do not put limits on which countries we could expand to or the number and type of projects that we will offer to partners and investors. We constantly advertise the STONEHARD brand in order to grow our popularity among developers, agents and clients — this will certainly lead to more sales and more profits for all of our network members.

    Our affiliate network members are typically top industry leaders with proven track records in each of the countries where they operate. All new and existing members must adhere to strict conditions and we have a list of stringent requirements that each new candidate should meet.

  • Member sub-agents are well established local estate agents, investment consultants, advisors and wealth managers operating in over 50 countries worldwide. They can log into our on-line system with their user name and password, and have special access to information on all of our development projects, including full features, price lists, unit availability, floor plans, digital brochures, high resolution images, videos and other marketing materials. They can also access information on the commission and bonus structures for each development, our investment guides and ‘Frequently Asked Questions’, as well as sample contracts for each development and other selected material that will help agents with marketing and sales. Our member-agents are also granted access to projects that are not available on-line and only for private sales.

    In addition to our own property database, our member agents will soon benefit from an even greater choice of properties around the world as STONEHARD is planning to merge databases with more international introducers of new-build development projects.

    STONEHARD will always remain the central contact point between agents and developers, to ensure a positive outcome for all parties.

    All member agents sign a partnership agreement with STONEHARD, allowing them to market one or more projects, with or without limitations on which markets they target and their preferred methods of advertising.

    STONEHARD offers extremely favourable remuneration packages with the highest possible rates of commission, in order to motivate our agents to invest time and effort in the marketing and advertising of the respective developments. Agents receive their commission and any additional bonuses for hitting targets directly from STONEHARD and will not be obliged to deal directly with developers, thus guaranteeing a smooth and hassle-free process for all parties.

    We are happy to grant rights to certain agents to represent us exclusively in their country — in order to qualify for sole representation we require certain sales targets to be reached, as well as complete commitment to our projects combined with a readiness to invest time and money into marketing.

  • Member developers are experienced, reputable and highly respected in their local markets. They can benefit from our complete service, and depending on their needs, they may receive our professional assistance at even the earliest stages of planning and designing. However, developers value us most for our first-rate marketing services, which are executed on a global level and introduce them to our member agents and investors around the world.

    Developers are given the opportunity, in a few easy steps, to upload basic material and information on their projects and offer financial remuneration to STONEHARD’s member agents. Once included on our database, their projects will be shared with hundreds of professional intermediaries around the world, in the fastest and most efficient way possible. Please note that we will provide a professional consultation service and recommendations to any member developer looking to enter new markets and increase their sales. We will also give introductory information about a project to all our member agents who decide to market that project to their local clients. Moreover, STONEHARD will remain the central contact point between our developers and agents, to ensure a positive outcome for all parties, in particular the successful completion of deals.

    Developers interested in joining the Stonehard Global Affiliate Network can sign either an exclusive or non-exclusive agreement with our company, granting us respective rights to market their projects direct to buyers/investors with or without limitations on target markets or countries.

    For projects that are exclusive to us, we have Master Agency rights, so we treat these projects with maximum care and attention. We make marketing these projects a priority and set aside budgets for advertising campaigns in advance. Our best-selling developments are indeed the ones that are exclusive to us, where we act as a Master Agent. Moreover, receiving the maximum commission rate from a developer allows us to motivate our sub-agents around the globe to focus on marketing the relevant projects more..

    Non–exclusive developments are also welcome and we provide them with our standard global presentation package, including them in our main channels of advertising and sharing them with our entire agent base around the world. However, the financial limitations that come with non-exclusive projects mean we market these mostly to end-buyers and investors, which reduces our options for maximising sales.

  • Corporate investors are also members of the Stonehard Global Affiliate Network. As such, they also have full on-line access to all property developments and investment opportunities entrusted to STONEHARD by their international developers and master agents. Private individuals or organisations with large amounts of capital who invest professionally in real estate or property related investment products are welcome to join our platform and take advantage of our database of projects (public and private), as well as enjoy beneficial conditions when purchasing multiple units. Another advantage of being a member includes access to our latest offers, pre-sale units, new unit releases and promotional purchasing conditions, before they are offered to the general public. Our long-term and repeat customers may also join our network and get similar benefits to our professional investors and organisations. Our corporate clients are the first ones to receive new offers and projects via our direct mailing. Therefore,bthey are often seen as reliable indicators of how well certain projects will sell and how attractive certain prices are of pricing. These are the clients who react first, share opinions and give us invaluable feedback from the real buyers in the marketplace.